Melas India Brings, the Best Oil-Controlling Soap for People with Oily Skin!

18 April 2023

By Melas

Melas India Brings, the Best Oil-Controlling Soap for People with Oily Skin!

Your skin requires some attention and love. Additionally, if you have oily skin, your concern grows. When you have oily skin, breakouts, acne, and pimples are pretty common. In addition, this is the time when your oily skin requires a soap that helps control excess oil, prevent breakouts, and treat pimples. If you have oily skin, here is a soap that controls oil that you should buy!

The majority of dermatologists recommend Melas Oil Control Soap because it has a gentle scent. Melas oil-clear soap is designed for people with oily skin. Glycerin and a special Daru Haldi extract help to remove excess oil from the skin. The special haldi extract makes your skin look better and ensures that it has enough moisture and oil. It also gives it a distinctive shine and controls the amount of oil that leaks everywhere. The cleanser maintains the skin's pH balance while delicately deep cleansing it. This cleanser's delicate properties give you skin that is soft, smooth, and new.

The Melas oil control soap cleans the face and has the extravagance of deep purifying properties in addition to successfully adjusting oil production. Daru Haldi extract makes your skin more graceful while maintaining its versatility and giving you an even tone. This oil-control soap not only gives you a pleasant scent that lasts all day, but it also protects your skin. It ensures that your skin receives the best care and remains fresh. It also ensures that your skin retains its characteristic moisture and oil balance simultaneously.

Melas oil control soap combats and protects your skin from bacteria-causing inflammation. Additionally, it maintains the pH levels of your face and soothes irritated skin. This Daru haldi and glycerin extract-infused exfoliating soap can restore your skin's natural oil balance. Daru haldi is ideal for oily and acne-prone skin because it is a natural exfoliant that also has a mild moisturizing effect.

Benefits of Melas Oil Control Soap:

  • Invigorating haldi aroma
  • Makes rich foam
  • Scrubs the skin completely
  • Makes skin smooth and understood
  • Decreases skin break out and pimples with customary utilization
  • Controls oil
  • Can be utilized on the face and furthermore on the body assuming you have body acne
  • Contains great and dynamic ingredients that are viable for sleek and pimple-inclined skin
  • Doesn't leave greasy residue behind
  • Doesn't dissolve
  • Reasonable price
  • Effectively available

Melas carved a name for itself in the year 1990 and since then has carved a name for itself in the beauty industry for its use of Cosmetics & Ayurved and also promoting the benefits of the same.

Melas Products are extraordinary and extremely simple and usable for all skin types. Melas products are packed with ayurvedic ingredients, so they can protect and cater to your face's needs no matter what kind of skin you have—oily, dry, or combination. Melas' products include Mela's oil control soap, Melas Night Cream for Glowing Skin, Melas Scrub Soap, Melas Cream for Dark Circles, Melas Night Cream for the Face, and Melas Ultra Day Cream.

Our recently launched Melas Oil control soap for oily skin has become a hit among our customers and has achieved a name on the list of the best oil control soap for oily skin!


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