Melas Hydra Foaming Face Cleanser for Men & Women with Goodness of Kiwi & Avocado, Purifying, Nourishing, Moisturising Gentle Foaming Face Wash for All Skin Type

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A face wash that combines the beneficial properties of kiwi fruit and avocado to create a nourishing and rejuvenating cleanse for the skin. Kiwi is abundant in vitamin C, which can help brighten the skin, promote collagen production, Avocado is a source of vitamin E, healthy fats, and antioxidants, which help nourish and moisturise the skin, improving its overall health and appearance. Avocado is known for its emollient properties, which can help deeply hydrate and moisturise the skin. Kiwi also contains a high water content, contributing to the plumpness of the skin. The nutrients present in kiwi and avocado have soothing properties that can help calm inflammation and irritation

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·       PURIFYING :- MELAS Face wash cleanser is a superhero for your skin, on a mission to clear out all the gunk. This Foaming Face wash goes deep, saying goodbye to dirt, impurities, and extra oil, leaving your skin squeaky clean and totally refreshed. So, when you use this cleanser, it’s like giving your face a mini detox, leaving it pure, happy, and ready to take on the day!

·       NOURISHING :- MELAS Foaming Face Wash Cleanser has kiwi and avocado in it and this formula is a feast for your skin, they’re like a buffet of essential goodies. Packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, they’re the superheroes that your skin needs. When you use this, it’s like treating your skin to a nutrient-rich banquet, making it healthier and looking its absolute best!

·       MOISTURIZING :- MELAS Foaming Face wash cleanser is a hydration hero, this face wash makes you feel like a spa day for your face! The Hydra Foaming Face Cleanser is made to keep your skin’s moisture just right. This Face Wash cleans away the gunk without saying bye to the good stuff, like essential oils. So, when you use MELAS Foaming Face wash, your skin stays happy, hydrated, and as soft as a marshmallow.

·       GENTLE FOAMING ACTION :- This MELAS Face wash got a gentle foaming action that turns washing your face into a total treat. Mix it with water, and it transforms into a soft, luxurious foam, making it super easy to apply and creating a pampering experience for your skin. So, when you use MELAS Foaming Face wash cleanser, it’s like giving your face a little bubble bath, leaving it feeling refreshed and oh-so pampered!

·       SUITABLE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES :- Meet the MELAS Foaming Face Cleanser, This Face Wash is like a friend for everyone’s skin, no matter if your skin is normal, oily, or even sensitive and also works for both men & women. But, here’s the wise move, before you dive in, give it a little test on a small spot, especially if your skin is super sensitive. It’s like a sneak peek to make sure your skin and this foaming face cleanser get along just fine because a tiny checkup is always a good idea!

·       Package Contains :- 1 x 150 ML Hydra Foaming Face Cleanser for Men & Women


Foaming face wash Dimension: Length- 4cm , Height- 16cm, Width- 4cm Product details & Ingredients: sodium lauryl ether sulphate, coco amido propyl betaine coco diEthanol amide, dimethicone (dc – 193), edta, phenoxy ethanol, polysorbate, acryl

Polymer, extracts, fragrance, colour, dm water Batch no: cfbl-01Mfg. Date: 06/2023 Exp. Date :05/2025 M.r.p: 349.00 Manufactured/ Packed By: Mediaid Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. sector 7 IIE Sidcul Haridwar Uttarakhand 249403.Marketed By: Eli organics DM road Charyaar Bulandshahr 203001. Corporate Office: 293 Defence Colony Delhi 110024 Helpline no.: +91 9690334433. Country of origin: India

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Melas Hydra Foaming Face Cleanser for Men & Women with Goodness of Kiwi & Avocado, Purifying, Nourishing, Moisturising Gentle Foaming Face Wash for All Skin Type
MRP 349.00