Melas Hydra Foaming Face Cleanser for Men & Women with Goodness of Seaweed & Rice Water, Hydration, Deep Pore Cleaning, Enhance Skin Tone Face Wash for All Skin Type

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This dual-acting cleanser is infused with mineral-rich seaweed & Rice water that hydrates & gently cleanses your skin deeply without stripping it of its natural oils. Seaweed is packed with vitamins, minerals & essential amino acids. It is great at cleansing and locking in moisture. Rice water consists of proteins which are the building blocks of skin cells making it ideal for skincare. Apart from soothing & toning the skin on regular use, rice water is also known to minimise pores, making it an essential part of your skincare regime.

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  • HYDRATION :- Imagine this MELAS foaming face cleanser as a hydrating hug for your skin, it’s got a powerful duo, seaweed, and rice water. These two buddies work together to give your skin a big drink of moisture. So, when you use this foaming face wash cleanser make you feel like treating your skin to a spa day, leaving it feeling super soft and flexible, like a happy and well-hydrated buddy.
  • DEEP PORE CLEANING :- Think of this MELAS face cleanser as a superhero for your pores, it’s on a mission to clean deep! With its special formula, it dives into your skin, saying goodbye to dirt, extra oil, and all the icky stuff. By doing this, This face wash like a bodyguard preventing clogged pores, so your skin can breathe easy and look super clear. This foaming face wash cleanser makes you feel like giving your face a deep-cleaning spa treatment for a fresh and radiant look!
  • ENHANCE SKIN TONE :- Meet the dream team in this MELAS face cleanser, seaweed and rice water, they’re like the artists working on your skin canvas. Together, they have this awesome power to make your skin tone even more fabulous. Think of it as a brightening boost for your face, saying bye-bye to dullness and uneven spots. So, when you use this foaming face wash cleanser, it’s like giving your skin a little makeover, leaving it looking all fresh and evenly toned, just the way you like it!
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES :- Meet the MELAS Foaming Face Cleanser, This Face Wash is like a friend for everyone’s skin, no matter if your skin is normal, oily, or even sensitive and also works for both men & women. But, here’s the wise move, before you dive in, give it a little test on a small spot, especially if your skin is super sensitive. It’s like a sneak peek to make sure your skin and this foaming face cleanser get along just fine because a tiny checkup is always a good idea!.
  • Package Contains :- 1 x 150 ML Hydra Foaming Face Cleanser for Men & Women


Foaming face wash Dimension: Length- 4cm , Height- 16cm, Width- 4cm Product details & Ingredients: Ingredients: sodium lauryl ether sulphate, coco amido propyl betaine coco diEthanol amide, dimethicone (dc – 193), edta, phenoxy ethanol, polysorbate, acrylPolymer, extracts, fragrance, colour, dm waterBatch no : cfgr-01 Mfg. Date : 06/2023 Exp. Date : 05/2025M.r.p. : 349 Manufactured/ Packed By: Mediaid Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. sector 7 IIE Sidcul Haridwar Uttarakhand 249403.Marketed By: Eli organics DM road Charyaar Bulandshahr 203001. Corporate Office: 293 Defence Colony Delhi 110024 Helpline no.: +91 9690334433. Country of origin: India

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Melas Hydra Foaming Face Cleanser for Men & Women with Goodness of Seaweed & Rice Water, Hydration, Deep Pore Cleaning, Enhance Skin Tone Face Wash for All Skin Type
MRP 349.00